Mon, 06 Aug 2007

Holy Cripe! And Thanks!

Wow, you guys liked the clock! HappyPlusClock was named the best creation of Retro Challenge 2007!

As I mentioned, I'm going to continue to improve HappyPlusClock, and as soon as I get a couple bits of code in presentable shape, I'll release the Pascal source as well. I wrote it so I could put this great old Mac back into service doing something useful. As you can see, it's happily running on my Plus.

Thanks again, and I hope I can come up with something worthwhile for next year!

Congratulations to Oliver for winning for the best blog. I'm ashamed to say that I missed his site for most of the month, but it's no wonder he won... a IIgs, a Classic II with grayscale and a logic board transplant, and a "PIKO dat" electronic computer from 1969! And movies for everything.

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